Career Opportunities & Salaries After NTA UGC NET

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Career Opportunities & Salaries After NTA UGC NET

Aspiring to become an Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship in Indian universities and colleges? Then you must know about the NTA UGC NET exam through which you can pursue either of the two careers. Through this article, we look into the career options and salaries of both careers. We will be touching on the necessary aspects related to the two careers after qualifying for them through the NTA UGC National Eligibility Test.

Before we begin you must know that National Testing Agency conducts the UGC-NET twice a year. However, because of COVID-19, the December 2021 UGC-NET had to be delayed, and so was the schedule of the June 2022 UGC-NET. To now regularize the UGC-NET examination cycles, the National Testing Agency, with the agreement of UGC, has combined both UGC-NET of December 2021 and June 2022, so that they may be executed together in the Computer-based Tests (CBTs) mode.

The Career Options & Salary After Qualifying For Junior Research Fellowship

Go through the points mentioned below thoroughly to understand the career prospects and salary after qualifying for JRF through UGC NET.

  • Qualifying for JRF has two benefits, a stipend like a regular job and a Doctorate Degree.
  • Once you qualify for JRF you have the option to either pursue research in your respective postgraduate subjects or choose the universities and/or colleges amongst the NET coordinating institutes.
  • You can enroll yourself in the Ph.D. course offered by universities and IIMs.
    After qualifying for NET JRF and enrolling in a Ph.D. course, you are awarded a fellowship for five years.
  • In the initial two years, you will be paid Rs 31,000/- + HRA per month depending on different institutes, and for the next three years, Rs 35,000/- + HRA per month depending on different institutes is provided.
  • Also, various other grants may be given based on the policy of the university.
    The fellowship offered by private universities and IIMs varies depending on their respective program policies.
    The next option is to work as a researcher in a corporate firm.
  • Some organizations recruit JRF-qualified candidates to carry out research work for the benefit of their company.
  • You have the option to search about the courses in-depth on the website of respective institutions.

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The Career Options & Salary After Qualifying For Assistant Professor

Go through the points mentioned below to learn about the career options after qualifying for Assistant Professor through UGC NET.

  • Once you qualify for Assistant Professor through UGC NET you can pursue a career in the teaching domain.
  • After the UGC NET declares you qualified for the position of Assistant Professor you can analyze the best institutes across the country and start applying for the post of Assistant Professor with your accurate scorecard.
  • In the starting phase, you can anticipate lucrative monthly pay in the range of Rs 25,000/- to Rs 40,000/- based on your scores, skills, and university.
  • You can also benefit from other career options by becoming a faculty at a coaching institute that prepares the candidates appearing for the UGC NET exam.

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We hope you found this article informative. Make sure to have read the career prospects and salaries of both careers. Then based on the prospects and your preference opt for either. Once decided make sure to read our other articles on UGC NET to prepare well for the exam.

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