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Mock Test

आईटीआई छात्रों के लिए एक बहुत बड़ी खुशखबरी है कि हमारी वेबसाइट के द्वारा सभी ट्रेड के लिए Chapter Wise Mock Test (Quiz) शुरू किये जा रहे है । जो की Hindi & English दोनों भाषा मै होंगे । आप अपनी ट्रेड के हिसाब से रोजाना Mock Test को हल कर आगामी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं (ALP & Technician, ISRO, DRDO, BHEL, SAIL, ECIL, NPCIL, Coal India, IGCAR, RRCAT, HAL DMRC, LMRC, NMRC, JMRC, Power Grid, UPPCL, JVVNL etc…) मै शत-प्रतिशत सफलता पा सकते हैं । अभी हमने यहाँ पर कुछ ही ट्रेड को शामिल किया है । धीरे-धीरे सभी ट्रेड को यहां पर शामिल कर लिया जाएगा ।

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How is Mock Test Important  in Exams :-


Every one of us had written lots of exams and we had lots of preparations for that. On school days all were written at least seven tests and that are three midterm tests and another three are yearly exams and mock test. So yes exams are the only thing that lots of students panic about, because of its results and ranking. Mock tests are nothing but they are equal to the final exams and that is the exam that will be conducted at the time of the final exams. It will approximately show the final exams marks of the students.

So once the students are ready to face the final exams means they are ready to see the annual exams. Because there will be new exteriors for the hall and the students will be arranged in some particular order in the classroom so by these new activities some students may have the chance to get panicked and tense so that there is a chance for forgetting the things that have learnt.

But while they are attending mock tests the same procedures will be followed at the exam halls so that once students are faced with these things means they will not panic while attending the real main exams. So, mock tests are the basic factor and the main factor that makes the students feel fearless.

Importance of Mock Tests :-


A mock test is an exam where the students can practice well for their annual exams and that makes the students feel comfortable about the main exams. The marks and ranking of the mock test will not be considered as a main thing to the students and as staff because they should be totally taken care of by the students. Because at that stage the teachers will be at their final jobs and they have done all the process of teaching and training the students. At that final moment, the students have to take care face the mock test well means they surely achieve good marks as they expected. 

  • The students need to feel panic while the exams are going on. They are writing just a mock test. It is just practice and that makes me feel good while writing the main exams.
  • It is a thing that makes the students get well prepared for the final exams. So that they will have good practice for the main exams.
  • This is the best chance for the students to make themselves fearless about the main exams. 
  • Without attending mock tests the students attend annual exams directly means there may be a chance for them to get nervous and it may lead to their exam papers

Benefits of Mock Tests :-


  • Mock tests are things that make the student get well practised for the main exams.
  • Multiple mock tests make the students revise well and they will feel normal about the exams.
  • Mock tests help the student perform tremendously on their main exams.
  • It really improves the subject skills of students and they will do well on their exams.
  • For both Junior and Leaving Certificate understudies, the counterfeit outcomes will assist you with settling on a higher or customary level. 
  • It will likewise assist you with distinguishing the branches of knowledge that need more consideration. 
  • The taunts have one other advantage they can go about as an opportune reminder for those sleepwalking as the year progresses.
  • If the students are getting passed and failed in the mocks tests that do not matter. But by attending mocks tests the students will surely get rid of the fear of main exams.
  • Mock exams help the students perform well in main exams and that makes them feel comfortable on future exams.

Needs of Mock Exams :-

A mock test is a test that is by and large like the primary test. Questions are in a similar organization and you need to address them within the same time limit. Addressing mock tests gives you an ideal thought regarding the end of the year test. It assists you with breaking down yourself and seeing where you stand, the amount you can score. 

Mock/trial run assessment is compulsory. It is expected to acclimate the understudies to the assessment climate and approve the similarity of their Desktop/Laptop/Smart-Phone/Tablet or different gadgets. 

Mock tests are considered training tests before you show up for the last one. While you are endeavouring these tests, they assist with boosting your certainty and beat botches. Here you are made mindful of the test design as well as made to encounter the systems for handling the genuine test. 

Ridicules fundamentally assist you with getting certainty and assist you with further developing your inquiry tackling abilities. It additionally prepares our brain to sit for 3 hrs and tackle the paper inside time. Ridicules don’t mention to us what we will score in the test, however, it is to help us score in the test. The very best for your tests. 

  • Examine to death: Do not dissect percentile patterns or whatever fake babble.
  • Endeavour the Un-endeavored ones.
  • Audit the Correct Attempts.
  • Evaluate various methodologies.
  • Begin giving 1 false seven days.
  • The Takeaways.

Conclusion :-

Here in the above passage, we had a look at the factors, importance and benefits of the mock tests. Hope those pieces of information are simple and easily readable to you as readers.

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